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Benton Borough

Where it all began….to where it is now.

Our Borough, as well as Benton Township, was named in honor of Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Senator Benton served for 30 years and was at the height of his political career in 1850 when Benton Borough was named.

Daniel Jackson was the first person to build a house in what is now Benton Borough, the year 1833. By 1852, a post office had been established and the owner of the first store in Benton, Daniel Hartman, was appointed as postmaster. After 1860, Benton continued to grow as did the lumber and tanning industries in the Northern portion of Columbia County. By 1868 Benton had some 50 homes, a tavern, a church, a schoolhouse and a sawmill. In 1872 the  “Exchange Hotel” was built on the corner of Main and Market Streets by Hiram Hess and grew to be the most important hostelry in upper Columbia County and its’ surrounding territory.  Growth continued and by 1886 a second hotel, the McHenry House, was built by James Boyd McHenry. By this time Benton boasted a second church, over 60 homes, and several stores. In 1894, Benton was incorporated as a borough and officials were elected. Our first officials were: Burgess: A. L. McHenry, Councilmen: C. B. McHenry, R. T. Smith, C. A. Wesley, Alfred McHenry, B. G. Keller, and W. M. Appleman. Sidewalks were built and streets were improved. An electric company headed by Charles Bellas, C. B. Whitmire, and G. L. Hess provided lighting to the Borough.

Tragedy struck on July 4, 1910. A major fire consumed 38 houses, 48 barns, the US Post Office, the bank, People’s Department Store, Odd Fellows Hall and the infamous Exchange Hotel. This was the first of several fires to strike our Borough. The Rohr McHenry Distilling Company just a few short miles outside of Benton, was also destroyed by a fire in 1911. Again in 1913, three fires took a toll on Benton. The first destroyed the Presbyterian Church, another destroyed the planing mill of R. T. Smith and Son, and the third destroyed a shirt factory and other adjacent dwellings. Benton Dam, built on Fishing Creek, is 280 feet long and ponds 2 acres of water. It was built in 1915 on the site of the old Swartwout Mill, as a result of the towns history of fires.

Even though Benton Dam still serves as a water resource for the Benton Volunteer Fire Company, it is much more valued now as a great spot to spend a hot summer day. Within walking distance just north of the Dam along Fishing Creek, is the beautiful 19 acre Benton Park, the Benton Area High School, tennis courts, a baseball diamond with covered seating in the historic Grand Stand, and the L.R. Appleman Elementary School. Route #487, our Main Street/Downtown area, offers several dining choices, churches, antique, variety, and eclectic shops, convenience stores, gas stations, a bank and so much more. Please check out the listing below for more detailed information.  Be sure to stop in, say hello, and spend some Benton time with us!


Local Businesses/Churches/Services
Name Contact Information Location Website Owner
Acorn Market/Subway/Pudgies Pizza 570.925.2193 145 Main Street
Affordable Self-Storage Co. 570.925.2077 5th Street Rick Iddings
Benton Antiques 570.925.2364 232 Main Street
Benton Area Rodeo Association 570.925.6536 Mendenhall Lane
Benton Area School District 570.925.6651 600 Green Acres Road
Benton Assembly of God 570.925.5922 3686 Rt 487 Stillwater
Benton Beer Barn 570.925.6118 4005 Maple Grove Road
Benton Christian Church 570.925.2266 305 Third Street
Benton Coins & Collectibles 570.925.1055 100 Main Street Bill Yanchick
Benton Gulf Station/Papa Johns Pizza 570.925.1004 10 Main Street
Benton Presbyterian Church Market Street
Benton Store Company Merchants Antiques Co-op 570.925.5925 235 Main Street
Benton Tobacco 570.925.1055 100 Main Street
Benton Volunteer Fire Company 570.925.2020 150 Colley Street
Bible Baptist Church 570.925.2592 250 Shickshinny Road
Black Bear Pottery and Fine Art 570.925.1000 McHenry Avenue Sandra Tranor
Burt's Honey Farm 570.925.2117 153 Country Line Rd. Patrick J. Burt
Carla A. Buma Notary Service 570.925.2551 4005 Maple Grove Road
Central PA Insurance Group 570.925.2441 4355 Red Rock Road
Century 21 Covered Bridges Realty Inc 570.925.0210 99 Main Street
Christ the King Catholic Church 570.925.6969 385 Mendenhall Lane
Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider Winery 570.854.1948 126 Third Street
Country Fresh Market 570.925.6291 4435 Red Rock Rd
Cross Family Dentistry 570.925.5011 510 Main Street Dr. Kenneth Cross
Dean W. Kriner Inc Funeral Home 570.925.2000 30 Two and a Half Street
Dollar General 570.925.0140 149 Mill Street
Double Take Cakes 570.441.6103 350 Park Street Beth McConnell
Dr. Dale Neiderhiser (Chiropractor) 570.925.6606 224 Main Street
E. Lee Remley (General Contractor) 570 925-2432 Everett Street E. Lee Remley
Ed Cole Barber Shop 570.925.6113 4354 Red Rock Road
First Columbia Bank & Trust Co. 570.925.6181 200 Market Street
Fort Ricketts VFW Post#8317 570.925.5252 45 Shannon Hill Road
Fritz's TasteeCreme 570.925.2404 Main Street & Rt.239 Sandy Fritz Hile
Gordon Insurance Agency 570.925.2551 4005 Maple Grove Road
Green Acres Barn 570.419.3217 4360 Red Rock Road
Harvey Insurance Agency 570.925.5081 4384 Red Rock Road
Hoboken Sub Shop 570.925.2100 Mill Street Becky L. Green
Houseweart Auto Repair 570.925.2761 4388 Red Rock Road
John J. Hutnick OD 570.925.6111 110 Main Street
John Kitchen Income Tax Service 570.925.6884 4459 Red Rock Road
Kozy Korner 570.925.9978 105 Main Street Starla Grassley
L & K Mills True Value Hardware 570.925.6200 4064 Maple Grove Road
Mattress and Muffin Inn B&B 570.925.5466 240 Main Street
McMichael Funeral Home 570.925.2385 4394 Red Rock Road
Menco Mechanical LLC 570.759.0308 Red Rock Road
Mill Race Golf & Camping Resort 570.925.2040 4584 Red Rock Road
Monica Mika Hair Stylist 570.925.6585 17 Waller Road
North Columbia Medical Office 570.925.6424 4469 Red Rock Road
Northeast Consulting & Construction Management 570.925.6133 4397 Red Rock Road
Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center Thrift Store 570.925.5377 107 Main Street
Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center 570.925.0163 42 Community Drive
Ol' Country Barn 570.925.6295 9 South Comstock Road
Retherford's Village Produce & Antiques 717.756.2287 4095 Maple Grove Road
Schaeffer Jones Eichner & Wagner LLP 570.925.2018 219 Main Street
Shirley Eyerly Beauty Shop 570.925.6676 4435 Red Rock Road
Shop Talk Salon 570.925.6898
Smokehouse BBQ 570.925.6962 225 Center Street Bill & Barb Schnitzler
Sophie's WigWam Cafe 570.925.9981 225 Market Street
Steve Shannon Tire & Auto Center 570.925.2821 145 Mill Street Steve Shannon
Stillwater Christian Church 570.925.2356 Stillwater
Stoney Acres Nursery 570.925.6826 4378 Red Rock Road
Strevig's Family Restaurant 570.925.0330 4438 Red Rock Road
Sun-Dry Laundry Inc. 570.925.2727 329 Market Street Rick Iddings
The Old Filling Station Restaurant 570.925.6556 140 Main Street.  Chris Dawson
Thomas Kowalski DDS 570.925.6441 Two and a Half Street
Total Look Landscaping 570.925.5141 4417 Red Rock Road John Watson
United Methodist Church 570.925.6858 470 Main Street
US Post Office 570.925.2021 250 Third Street
Valley Pizza & Subs 570.925.5544 Red Rock Road
W. Lynn & Son 570.925.2574 170 Mill Street. Wilson Lynn

*Most businesses located within Benton Borough (Benton, PA 17814)

**Did we miss your business?? Please contact here to let us know:**

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