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Benton Police

Emergency – Call 911
Non-Emergency – 570-925-5432 or 570-204-2246

**Reminder of the Borough Curfew Law – Monday – Thursday: 10pm

Friday – Sunday: 11pm

Benton Borough Chief: Fred Westover

Borough Police Staff:
– Elliot Miller

– James Shaw

– Craig Johnson




Need to Contact the Benton Police for a non-emergency? Email:

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  1. Susan Honeywell

    HI….Just want to say thank you to Officer J. Moyer for his assistance several weeks ago regarding a stone hitting my windshield. The matter was resolved. His help was greatly appreciated.

    1. Patti LaBonte

      Thanks Susan, I will pass this information on to Officer J. Moyer. It is always nice when someone takes the time to pass along something good and positive.

  2. Dylan Smith

    I was just curious on whether the borough police are hiring, and if so is it part time or full time?

    1. Patti LaBonte

      Thanks for the inquiry Dylan, but at this time the Borough is not hiring for any Police position.

  3. Carter

    Or could i get a mailing address for the department?

    1. bhart

      I do not have a mailing address, but call 570.925.6101 to get one.

  4. Carter

    Could i get an email for the chief or any officer? I was going to come into contact with the chief but apparently he is fired. Does the new on have an email? Thanks

    1. bhart

      Hi Carter, at the moment the Borough does not have a Chief or Officer in charge. Please contact the Borough at 570.925.6101 to speak with either the Mayor or one of our Part-time Officers.

  5. amy

    Thanks. I know a young man looking for a police officer position if there will be some available. He is educated in this area.

    1. bhart

      Hi Amy,

      Can you please refer the gentleman’s name to our Chief at 925-5432. Thank you for the help!


  6. amy

    can you update us on the status of the police force? I understand Chief Patel left, and some of us are wondering where we stand, and if there are vacancies in the police department

    1. bhart

      Yes Amy Chief Patel has moved on unfortunately. We do have a new chief, Jeff Price who previously worked for Columbia County Sheriffs Office and as a Part-Time Officer for Benton Borough. I apologize for the lack of an update and will prepare one shortly.

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