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  1. Angela Blass

    I am commenting on this post instead because the post in regards to the Quality of Life Ordinance comments section has been disabled. I am wondering why we do not have a copy of the NEW version of this legislature on this website so it may legibly and readily available for residents to view and why there has been no mention of it on this site about it being voted on at last Monday’s meeting. Please make this law easier to access for the residents.

    1. bhart

      Angela – the reason you can not add a comment to the Quality of Life Ordinance is due to a setting we have enabled on the website that does not allow comments on any post made over 30 days ago. The biggest reason for this setting is to cut down on the number of spambot posts that are made on older posts. This cuts down on the amount of administrative work needed to remove Spambot comments. As for your comment, that will need to be addressed by Patti.

      FYI – I shared this information with your husband Troy back 11/30/15 via email.


  2. Angela Blass

    I don’t see October and November’s minutes. Are they available somewhere? I was also wondering if
    you’ve had a chance to upload all of the borough’s ordinances or if there is a status update on that? Thanks!

    1. Patti LaBonte

      Hi Angela,
      Thanks so much for catching that oversight on the minutes,for some reason they didn’t download properly. That has now been corrected though and they are available for viewing. The ordinances getting scanned and prepared to add to our website is a lengthy process and not necessarily a top priority. They will get to this page at some point.
      Thanks again!

  3. Angela Blass

    Where is the March 2015 minutes? All but March is missing.

    1. bhart

      Hi Angela,

      Our apologizes. It was a bad link. I have fixed the issue and the March minutes are now available.

      Thank you,

  4. Jacob Hittle

    Correction to post: Benton borough government should supply a link to all town ordinances on this website.

    1. Angela Blass

      Agreed Jacob Hittle. There is an entire filing cabinet full of ordinances and what I’ve been told is that new ones just get added on and they haven’t been reviewed for archival or dismissal in centuries.

      1. bhart

        Hi Angela,

        I spoke with folks at the Borough office and we have a plan to work on posting the ordinance online. Unfortunately this does take some time as we need to scan each document or possibly retype some as they were handwritten. Please be patience as we hope to start posting them very soon. Alternatively, the ordinance as always available for review in the Borough Office during normal business hours for everyone to see.

        PA Borough Ordinance are available online through the link in the navigation menu.

        Thank you,

        1. Angela Blass

          Thanks for the update on this Bryan. No worries, I am patient, but I would love to be updated once in a while if that is possible. Thank you for taking care of this. Have a good one!

  5. Jacob Hittle

    Benton borough government should supply a long to all town ordinances on this website.

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