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Benton Borough has 3 full time employees.

Borough Secretary – Kay Yankovich

Maintenance Supervisor – Matt Good

Friend to the Boro pooches!

Codes & Zoning Officer/Secretary of Community Affairs –¬†Unknown
Call for questions or concerns: 570.925.6602

Chief of Police – Fred Westover

Contact the Police Office at 570.925.5432  All emergencies call 911

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  1. mike giamber

    Great job on enforcing the grass cutting ordinance. Wish I lived in Benton rather than Fairmount Township.

  2. George Remphrey

    Brian: Were you aware that the lights are not on in the evening at the Basketball Court in the park. I thought that they were to be on till the curfew hour. I have spoken to some kids who would like to keep playing basketball as long as the weather permits. Could I please have an answer for this.
    Thanks Brian

    1. bhart

      Hi George,
      I am notifying the Borough about your comment and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer for you.

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