Apr 25

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grandstand 1SATURDAY – APRIL 30 AT 9AM. We have the paint (Thank you L & K Mills), we have the food (Thank you to our local eateries), we have the work supplies. But we need YOU to come out and help get the paint on the Grandstand. The weather is looking good…..SEE YOU ALL THERE! It will be a fun day!

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  1. Aaron Robert Reichenbach

    Hello my name is Aaron Reichenbach and for a final school project we had to pick something in our community that we can propose to improve around our town and mine happened to be our town park and my teacher happened to find that we are fixing the grandstands she told me this would be great for the project so Saturday i can come and help paint the grandstand.

    1. Patti LaBonte

      Hey Aaron…..We would be happy to have you join our Community Event on Saturday! If you have a favorite paint brush, you are welcome to bring it along or just use one that we will be providing. We will be at the Grandstand from 9am until 2 on Saturday and I would be pleased to meet up with you. If you have any questions please contact me at my office number(570-925-6602). Hope to see you on Saturday and THANKS! for wanting to be a part of this project.
      Patti LaBonte

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