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Benton Borough Council Meeting 11/12 7:00pm

Want to learn what Benton Borough is up too?  There is no better time than Monday November 12th, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Council Meeting.

Location – Benton Volunteer Fire Co. Social Hall
Time – 7:00pm
Date – 11/12/12

Agenda Items:

  • 2013 Budget
  • Appoint Member to Zoning/Hearing Board
  • Official Work Sessions Meetings for 2013
  • New Part-time Police Offer
  • Park Parking Lot (school students lot)
  • New Codes/Zoning Officer
  • Park Lighting

Enforcement of Parking Laws

For many years, Benton Borough has taken a relaxed stance on parking laws.  Due to recent complaints and safety concerns, the Borough Police will now be enforcing all State Parking Laws.  The main issue for most residents is parking the correct direction.  If your vehicle is in violation, the vehicle will be cited for a $25 parking fine.  Please also be aware that you can be cited for parking on the wrong side of the street and when the vehicle moves, you can also be cited for driving on the wrong side of the road.

Benton Borough will begin enforcement immediately.